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Supporting the Local People

Impacting The Community

Embark on an Ankaa East African safari – not just a getaway, but a movement for change. We’re dedicated to local communities, committing a share of your booking income. Join us during your safari, visiting projects, and connecting with beneficiaries, or continue your support as a friend or donor.

Your choice to explore East Africa holds transformative potential, leaving an enduring imprint on local lives and communities. Key initiatives include:

– Women Empowerment: Empowering local women through enterprise and education.
– Education: Enabling access to education and basic facilities for underprivileged children.
– Water: Providing clean water access and conservation efforts.

Your journey with Ankaa Africa supports these causes, making a significant difference.

Our Values

Empowering Women:

In African communities, women often face marginalization. We drive women’s empowerment through enterprise development and education. Our bursary fund aids girls’ secondary and tertiary education, bridging gender disparities. We collaborate with local women, supporting beadwork projects and enabling access to local and international markets, empowering them to earn a decent income.

Koiyaki Guiding School


Education is the bedrock of progress, yet many African children miss out due to poverty, climate change, and inadequate facilities. Our tailored education program supports schools in our communities, providing basic facilities like classrooms and toilets. Explore the catalog of schools and programs that need your support.

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Water Projects:

Access to clean water remains a challenge for many communities. Ankaa partners with local agencies to support water projects, including boreholes and water storage facilities. We’re also conserving natural water sources through tree planting. For every booking, a dollar goes toward planting a tree seedling, contributing to water tower conservation and a sustainable water supply. Your donation can make a significant impact.

Inquire now to be part of this meaningful movement for change and better tomorrow.

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